Innovation and forward-thinking are key tenets of my shoemaking practice- my career in footwear is constantly evolving to embrace new means of production and materials. Not satisfied with the status quo, I am striving to re-imagine shoe manufacture to reflect modern attitudes and practices whilst delivering a quality and long lasting product.

I have over 7 years of experience, allowing me to gain extensive knowledge of footwear design and construction. I have worked on a broad range of projects from one-off bespoke products through to commercial unisex footwear ranges. My roles have allowed me to interface with suppliers, factories, wholesale buyers and directly with clients. This range of experience has allowed me to develop into a confident designer and developer with first-rate technical knowledge.

Working as a teacher for The Footwearists allows me to combine my interest in innovative ways of shoemaking, with my bespoke shoemaking skills. The video below - of my work as an artist in residence at Autodesk - shows the kinds of results that this combination could lead to: