The Footwearists is an innovation and education platform for and by footwear professionals. Together we strive to improve the world by making better shoes that have real added value. Some of us are teachers, some are consultants and some are both. Each Footwearist has their own company as well, with their own innovative specialty. Together we offer a wealth of insight, experience and information, both to our students and to our consulting customers.

Often people ask us where we are based and the best answer to that question is: "everywhere". The Footwearists come from all over the world. We are a nomadic platform; this means that we work wherever we think it makes most sense or wherever we are asked to come. We collaborate with labs, factories, schools and research facilities around the globe.

Are you an experienced footwear professional and would you like to work with us? Or would you like us to do a project or training with your institute? Just let us know at [email protected] and we will start the conversation.