Sanne van den Dungen


I am the main expert on circular economy for The Footwearists. My focus is on finding solutions that are improving the entire product life cycle, with the final aim of creating a positive footprint, rather than doing things that are "less bad".  


As the head of R&D at HNST, Belgium's circular jeans made in Europe, I know first hand how difficult it is to work towards a fully circular system and this enables me to give realistic advice on how to define and implement a proper roadmap towards full sustainability.


I have a passion for the fashion industry, but since I am also a consultant for EPEA, the world famous company of Michael Braungart, one the writers of the book Cradle to Cradle® and the main company to offer and update C2C certification, I am also familiar with other industries. 


Besides my work for HNST and EPEA I spend a lot of time in India, where I am Director of Sustainability at Indian hybrid NGO-Social Enterprise Grameena Vikas Kendram, working on regenerative organic cotton.