Philippe Holthuizen


I began my design career in the Netherlands at Design Academy in Eindhoven and then continued to get my masters in transportation design in Spain at Elisava. Once in the field, my eclectic career saw me working on product designs for Pezy Group, architectural visualizations and 3D animated television ads. A job at United Nude introduced me to footwear, and while there I worked on cutting-edge collaborations with Iris van Herpen and Zaha Hadid.

Shoes continued to be at the forefront of my career as I later started a company around custom-made orthopedic sandals. The start-up turned out to be a dud, but it gave me lots of hands-on time with 3D printers. This, combined with my extensive skill in 3D CAD programs, made me pursue the challenge of 3D printing wearable shoes. I am currently developing my printed shoes into a brand, called FUSED footwear.


At The Footwearists I teach 3D design and printing courses to footwear professionals who want to understand how to use the advantages of 3D printing in the most functional, sustainable, and aesthetically pleasing way.