Eva Klabalova


I am a shoe designer from the Czech Republic, where I worked at several shoe factories while I finished my master degree in shoe design and technology at Tomas Bata University. After that I worked as the assistant of the renowned footwear maker and professor Eliora Ginsburg at Bezalel Academy in JersusaIem.


Because of my work there, I was awarded a scholarship for SLEM's Master of Footwear Innovation, with the same team that is now called The Footwearists. This really opened my eyes to the issues that the global footwear industry is facing and to the unique role that I can play in helping to solve them, since I understand both design AND production. 


I now have my own consulting and design company that aims to combine design and technology to create sustainable quality footwear and rejuvenate and reignite the footwear industry globally. I  also apply these design principles in my own brand own brand CAVE footwear.