We are very excited about these upcoming lectures. since we will cover such a broad range of topics and locations. Would you like to see any of the lectures below, but are you not able to join in person? We will soon have a new membership that will give you online access to video recordings of all the lectures that The Footwearists are giving around the world. Subscribe to our newsletter below to be notified when this membership becomes available.

As the name indicates, PI apparel usually focuses on clothing, but this time they are expanding their focus to footwear as well. We will give two lectures here: one on how to use digital tools to enable circular design and manufacturing and another one on the future of in-store manufacturing. 

After the success of our opening keynote lecture for the edition in Berlin in November 2019, we will now also open for the Portland edition in 2020. The amazing discussions and meetings in Berlin have led to even more insights and developments, so we will present an update to our lecture about the future of polymers for footwear.


May 5-8, Portland Oregon, USA

In collaboration with the FDRA (Footwear Distributors and Retailers of America) we are organizing the first edition of the Future Dimensions Festival. This event consists of a one-day conference and 3 days of training, demos and workshops around digital transformation in the footwear industry. More info will follow soon!