We are very excited about these upcoming lectures. since we will cover such a broad range of topics and locations. Would you like to see any of the lectures below, but are you not able to join in person? We will soon have a new membership that will give you online access to video recordings of all the lectures that The Footwearists are giving around the world. Subscribe to our newsletter below to be notified when this membership becomes available.

August 13, Portland, USA

We will give a keynote lecture on how materials will be applied in footwear in the future and will lead a panel on new material application technologies, for which we selected four positively disruptive companies from all over the world.

September 12, Amersfoort, Netherlands

This is THE festival for retail innovation. It is held in The Netherlands, but will be largely bilingual. We will talk about how to turn in-store repair, enhancement or manufacturing into a serious businessmodel.


October 25, Eindhoven, Netherlands

This is one of our own conferences; we organize two editions a year. This one is held in collaboration with Eindhoven University of Technology and focuses on the long-term future when ultra-pesonalized shoes will be generated by data driven systems. Visit the FOOTWEARISM page for more info!

November 12, New York City, USA

This is the only conference in the world for and by footwear designers. We organize it every year in collaboration with the FDRA; this time it will be in the heart of NYC! The focus will be on how we can optimize the footwear design process in the face of future challenges and opportunities.

November 19-20, Berlin, Germany

This will be one of our most exciting lectures this year, since raw materials are absolutely essential for the future of footwear. We will be giving the opening keynote about how polymers can enable a real circular future, explaining how they could be manufactured and applied in such a way that they could be recycled continually, including the business model behind that!