We will soon release the dates and locations for our 2018 innovation conferences, but in the mean time you can enjoy several online lectures and webinars. Follow us on Vimeo if you want to be notified whenever we upload new videos.

3D printing for footwear

Recently we were 3D printing and knitting sneakers as part of AtomLab's robotic micro factory at Simac Tanning Tech in Milan. We got so many of the same questions over and over again that we decided to record this 20-minute webinar about 3D printing for footwear. 

Generative design for footwear​​​​​​​

The video below was used as the introduction for an in-depth innovation class about generative design that we gave for a famous athletic shoe brand in Germany recently.

We talked about how design will change in the future, from a single designer creating a limited number of design variations, to developing sophisticated software systems that can generate endless design variations based upon advanced consumer data. In this two-hour class we start from the beginning, explaining the basics of generative design, showing how it will affect footwear and the job of a footwear designer, and giving a suprising impression of how far companies like Amazon and Google already are when it comes to applying generative design in their products and services. Instead of just focusing on parametric design that can create the perfect fit for any consumer, we also dicuss how analysis of social media data can generate ultra-personalized aesthetics.