Footwear Design Summit

Join us on October 24 in Long Beach, California for the ONLY conference in the world that is aimed at footwear designers! Together with the FDRA (Footwear Distributors and Retailers of America) we have created a line-up of inspiring speakers that really make a difference on the creative side of the footwear industry. 

International Shoe Conference

At the International Shoe Conference  - the annual conference for shoe museums that will be held in Izegem, Belgium on November 7 and 8  -  we will talk about how museums, educational institutes and corporations can best collaborate, based upon our experiences with SLEM, the predecessor of The Footwearists. We will talk about why SLEM stopped and what lessons other shoe museums can learn from that. 

What's Next in Retail Tech

As the name implies, The Footwearists mainly work for the footwear industry, yet we are often invited to speak at events outside of footwear well, since we combine a broad background in technology with fresh yet practical ideas on how to creatively apply these new technologies. At "What's Next in Retail Tech" on November 13 in Amsterdam, we will give a workshop about the sense and non-sense of innovative retail technology, helping all kinds of retailers make wise future choices.