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On Febuary 21, 2019 we are organising a groundbreaking new conference in Milan, Italy, called FOOTWEARISM! 


It will take place at SIMAC Tanning Tech, the largest footwear machinery show in the world. This attracts footwear technicians and innovators from all over the world. It runs concurrently with Lineapelle, the famous show for footwear materials and components that brings all leading designers to Milan. 


FOOTWEARISM aims to bring both audiences together for an inspiring afternoon that shows how the latest manufacturing technologies could be applied in future design and business concepts.

This means that you should NOT expect yet another footwear innovation conference where companies promote their new technologies individually. Instead, the Footwearists are bringing companies together in future scenarios, linking machine manufacturers to material suppliers, software developers, brands and designers that they might not have collaborated with otherwise. 


For instance, in our scenario called "NEVER LET GO" we show how Timberland + ATOM + ELSE + Shoemaster + X-Rite + SOEX + What the Future + Covestro can combine their expertise to create a system of design and manufacturing that eliminates waste and results in shoes that be easily repaired, or better yet, 'enhanced' in-store with different soles and upper panels, greatly improving sustainability, durability and shopping experience! 


Designers are enabled by the system to apply waste materials or excess stock materials in hyperrealistic virtual designs, making upper panels with no cutting waste and using new smart methods for sole molding, which involve compounds that largely consist of recycled shoe materials in fully recyclable non-metal molds. This allows for producing customised small series at an affordable price, both in the factory and in store!

In another scenario - called "HYPER HYPER" -  we bring together machine manufacturer BKK with AI company ISAAC, showing the future of design for speed manufacturing. The robotic factory of BKK can assemble a shoe in less than a minute, but in that case, how do you make sure that you can also rapidly create designs, without making random disposable "junk" that people throw away after only wearing it a few times? 

ISAAC shows how to collect (online) data about shoe trends and other developments in society and how to define brand DNA mathematically, using algorithms. All these data sets can then be used as a base for generative design apps that create hyper-personalised shoe designs for the consumer within seconds. These can then be produced in BKK's automated factory.


And these are only 2 examples, FOOTWEARISM will present 4 different scenarios that show the manufacturing technologies of SIMAC exhibitors and other companies in highly creative, yet totally feasible ways! Besides the companies we already mentioned, we will also feature Stahl, HP, Santoni, Desma and some more names we can not reveal yet...

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FOOTWEARISM will take place on February 21, 2019 from 14:00 - 18:00, at the conference centre of Rho Fiera Milano, so you will NOT have to leave the SIMAC or Lineapelle fair to join us! 

You can order your tickets through Paypal, using the button below. If you register before December 21 you can enjoy our special early bird rate. We also have a special discount if you want to buy two tickets. 


If you want more than two tickets, please email us at [email protected] for information about our group discounts!

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