Grasshopper for Footwear Intensive Course


Many of our students and customers have asked us how to create the complex structures - such as lattices and voronoids - that brands like Adidas, New Balance, Under Armour and Peak are using for their 3D printed soles. Complex objects like this are not drawn in a 3D program, they are generated through mathematical scripting tools that use numerical data as input and then visualize that data into series of designs according to preset parameters, formulas and sequences. This means that as a designer, you do not create the individual designs, but you create the system that generates them. 


The main tool that is used for this is called Grasshopper and it is a plugin for Rhino, the well-known 3D design package that is an industry standard for both architecture and any kind of industrial design, including footwear. After the success of our recent short course in Grasshopper that we held in Eindhoven, we are proud to announce a more intensive 5-day course that we will organize from November 4-8  in New York at New Lab in Brooklyn, in collaboration with Ultimaker 3D printers.  


Before you are able to understand and use Grasshopper, you will first need knowledge of Rhino. So if you do not have experience with Rhino yet, we require that you first follow our new online Rhino course. You can find it on our Footwearology online academy website. In the video below we explain the online Rhino course as well as the Grasshopper course in NYC (that section starts from 4:25).

Course Format


In this intensive 5-day Grasshopper course we will go over several kinds of Grasshopper applications for footwear, both for uppers and soles. Lorenzo Masini, our Rhino and Grasshopper wizzard and the most patient man on the planet, has developed a clear and concise program to teach the Grasshopper thought process step by step from a footwear perspective. Prototypes of your designs will be 3D printed on Ultimaker printers. If you agree, your results will be shown during the Footwear Design Summit in NYC, on November 12. It is definitely worthwhile to stay in town for that!

Monday, November 4:   
Morning: Introduction to Grasshopper: why and how, including an overview of (future) Grasshoper applications in the footwear field. 
Introduction to visual scripting, Grasshopper interface and first steps 
Afternoon: Downloading and installing extra components and plugins, first excercises using the soles made in the online Rhino course

Tuesday, November 5:

Morning: lists and conditions, 2D paneling with Grasshopper for shoe uppers. 
Afternoon: practicing with 2D paneling and 3D printing your upper design on textile

Wednesday, November 6:
Morning: vectors and domains 
Afternoon: 3D paneling, voronoids and lattices 
Evening: this evening we offer dinner and will conduct a brainstorm with the participants about how they want to use Grasshopper in their individual projects. This is optional, but highly recommended. And fun, too :-)!

Thursday, November 7:
Morning: data trees, 3D printing first sole projects 
Afternoon: voronoid attractor points 

Friday, November 8:
Practicing and working on your own individual projects, mentored by Lorenzo 

Class details


Dates: November 4-8, 2019

Class hours: 9:00 - 17:30 each day

Instructor: Lorenzo Masini

Location: New Lab (19 Morris Ave building 128, Brooklyn, NY 11205, USA)
Level: This course is for footwear design professionals that want to specialize in digital design, it is not suitable for beginners! Experience with Rhino 3D for footwear design is a strict requirement for this course. If you do not have any experience with Rhino yet, then you will need to follow our online Rhino course first! This runs between September 16 and October 27, so connects perfectly to the Grasshopper program. If you already have experience with Rhino but you are in doubt if it will be enough, then please contact us at, so we can assess your knowledge level.

Price: €2450 (about $2730)

Since Rhino is a prerequisite, we offer an attractive package deal with our online Rhino course for €2750 (about $3065).  We also offer options to pay in instalments. Please use the Paypal buttons below to register and pay. If you cannot use Paypal, please just let us know at then we can send you an invoice and you can pay by bank transfer. 

Included in the course price: all class material and a 3D print of your designs (both upper and sole), coffee, tea and water

Not included in the course price: travel costs, breakfast, lunch and diner (except for the Wednesday dinner), Rhino and Grasshopper software.

Required materials: participants have to bring their own laptop with Rhino 6 installed (this already includes Grasshopper). Please note that Grasshopper is only running on Windows, so you will need a PC or a Windows partition on your Mac. You can download a free 90-day evaluation version here; this is fully functional. You will also need a mouse, not just a trackpad!

Registration and Payment


Below you find several options to register and pay for the Grasshopper for Footwear Intensive Course. We have single payment options as well as options in 3 montly instalments. Of course single payments are a bit cheaper, but the instalments might be more convenient. The course needs to be paid in advance though, so if you want to pay in instalments, you should register in August at the latest! 


Paypal will convert the amounts to US dollars if needed. If you register for the Grasshopper course only and not for the Rhino online course, we will contact you to assess your level of Rhino. Please note that there are only 10 spots available in this class, so register soon! You will receive confirmation of our registration within 24 hours after your payment (on weekdays). If you can not use Paypal, then please send us an email at, then we can send you an invoice and you can pay by bank transfer. 

Please note that after October 1, 2019, you will not be able to cancel your registration or get a refund.


Attractive single payment options:
Prices for THREE monthly instalments: