why focus on sneaker courses?

Many people know us from our footwear innovation training programs, however, we decided to discontinue those for now, because we noticed how many of our students - even people who had already worked in the industry - lacked the knowledge about current footwear manufacturing, which made it difficult for them to create a better future without reinventing the wheel.

At the same time, we found that we attracted a lot of students who wanted to develop and/or innovate sneakers, because we could take them to China and other sneaker manufacturing countries that they would not have access to in other courses. Sneakers also happen to be responsible for a very substantial part of pollution in footwear manufacturing - perhaps even the biggest part, but there are no figures to prove it - due to the fact that these shoes contain a lot of synthetic, petroleum-based rubbers, plastics and other harmful materials.

Sporty, comfortable shoes - in other words: sneakers or athleisure footwear - are the fastest growing market though and one that is going through major changes. Most sneaker brands are focusing on automation through digital technologies, but are unable to find staff with the right skills for that, who can combine traditional manufacturing knowledge with new techologies.

On the other hand, we find startups that combine hand-crafted techniques with digital technologies such as 3D printing, CNC and laser cutting, so they can make (bespoke) sneakers locally, without needing a manufacturer. These people often lack access to off the shelf components that they could apply, but also to technical knowledge and to entrepreneurial programs to help them build their brands.

With our new course program we can serve all these people: from established brands looking to train their staff, to (aspiring) sneaker designers and developers who (want to) work in the industry and people who would prefer to do things their own way, starting their own brands in which ever way they please.

what about innovation then?

Meaningful innovation - making shoes more sustainable, social and functional - is still our main goal, but now we will aim to achieve it with a more hands-on approach. Every course that we teach will focus on these aspects, evaluating current practices to create best practices. In courses that are about making, we present students with as many sustainable (circular) materials and constructions as possible and in entrepreneurial courses we will teach circular systems.

Meanwhile, we are working on a fellowship program to allow talented students to conduct longer innovation projects, together with various labs and companies around the world.

how to choose a course?

Our new program is entirely modular. This means that you can choose from a range of short courses, creating your own ideal combination. Each course ranges from a weekend to a few weeks at most. We have courses that focus on industrial knowledge, craft and digital making or entrepreneurship. All courses focus on (aspiring) professionals. We do not cater to amateurs who simply want to make a pair of sneakers for themselves.

We offer courses in three levels:

- beginner: anyone who is either aspiring to work in the sneaker industry in any way, or has just started to do so, but has no previous experience

- intermediate: anyone who has followed our Sneakerology course or has shown relevant industry experience in an online interview

- advanced: anyone who has followed our Sneakerology course as well as the required intermediate level courses or has passed our admission procedure, proving the required level

You will find the level in the course description. It is also visualised in the little coloured rectangles on the course pictures displayed on our home page: green means beginner, pink means intermediate and purple is advanced level.

how much do footwearists courses cost?

We have a very transparent pricing system. Each course level has its own day price:

Beginner day price: €150

Intermediate day price: €200

Advanced day price: €300

The total price for each course is then calculated based upon the level and the number of days. All prices are excluding VAT, but in most cases this is not applicable. We will advise you up front if this is the case for you.

Our modular system makes it attractive for participants to follow multiple courses. If you want to follow two courses you get a 5% discount, if you take three or four courses you get a 10%. If you take more than four courses you get a 15% discount, as long as you commit to that full package up front.

We also organise in-company training. For this we have special group prices that are available on request. Please email us at [email protected] for more information.

Please let us know if you have any questions about our courses, we would be happy to advice the ideal package for you!