We consult with companies around the world to help them manufacture footwear in a better way that will increase emotional value, functionality, sustainability and profitability. We use a holistic approach that involves all aspects of the company, not strictly R&D. For instance, if you want to automate and reshore production, this will also affect your material sourcing, design process, logistics and retail model; all these aspects will have to be realigned, step by step, to achieve an optimal result. 

With our broad Footwearists expert network we can assemble the perfect team for each project phase, from defining vision and innovation strategy, to developing new materials, processes and/or technologies, their gradual implementation and training of staff to acquire the necessary skills. Our customers range from machine builders, to material suppliers, technology providers, footwear brands and retailers. The portfolio below gives an overview of a few projects we did in recent years. We can not show any current projects, because we work under strict non-disclosure agreements. You will see updates on our social media channels whenever there is news we can share.

Consulting portfolio

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Footwear micro factories with AtomLab

One of the big developments we consult on is smart manufacturing: fusing robotics and AI to create new kinds of footwear in a highly digital process. We collaborate with Atom, one of the market leaders in footwear machinery, and ELSE Corp, a highly innovative startup that develops virtual reality technology for retail, to create innovative footwear micro factories. We help develop vision and attract various technology partners. Each year we present the results of our combined research at SIMAC, the international footwear machinery show in Milan. This year we brought Feetz, FUSED Footwear and Knitwearlab into the group. They created the printed outsoles and knitted uppers that were assembled by Atom's robotic system and designed in ELSE's Roboshop. FUSED presented fully 3D printed shoes. The video below shows a summary of the show:


We are highly interested in projects involving biofabrication: growing fully biodegradable materials or even entire products out of plant or animal cells. We consult in this area for several material suppliers, but can not diclose any details on these projects since they are still in their early stages. We can share a report we made on ZOA, the lab-grown leather material that was introduced by Modern Meadow in 2017, to show our train of thought. If the link below does not open, please click here.


Prices for consulting projects are on request, since each project is entirely different. We always start by visiting you in person - no strings attached - to gain a better understanding of your company and your challenges, so we can make sure we can give you a relevant and realistic price offer. These first visits can take a few hours but are always free of charge, with the exception of travel expenses, if your company is not in driving distance from us. Please feel free to contact us at [email protected] to plan an appointment or come to our courses or conferences to meet us in person.