better footwear -> better future


The Footwearists is a group of professionals from the shoe and leather industry who believe that footwear can and should improve the world.
We aim to achieve this by researching and implementing solutions from both inside and outside the industry, together with our customers, our partners and the participants of our professional training programs.

You might also know us as SLEM, since this is how we started almost 5 years ago upon invitation of Waalwijk, a former footwear town in The Netherlands. Recently the municipality changed political direction, supporting only local activities. That is why we, the SLEM team, decided to continue our mission under a new name, taking over all international consulting and educational programs and expanding them even further.
We provide a unique 9-month fulltime training program called "Professional Footwear Innovation", as well as several short courses and workshops.


We consult on meaningful and profitable innovation projects with companies around the world, from start-ups to established multinationals.

We work all over the world, please check our contact page for our locations.